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01. What is Coin PR Kit?

Coin PR Kit is a service that provides creation and distribution of press releases and news to top blockchain and bitcoin-related websites around the world. We focus on speed and massive coverage, we work only with trusted websites with real visitors, real founders, daily updates, and organic social media following. We believe in the massive impact blockchain technology will bring to the world, so we run an ethical business and focus on long term partnerships and collaborations. We are easy to reach and fast to respond.

02. Can you do sponsored articles?

Right now we don't offer sponsored articles by default apart from a couple of our partners (such as Bitcoin Magazine) that customize your press release to make it look and read as if it is an article. Please reach out to us if you are willing to run a custom sponsored campaign and we would be thrilled to explore a solution.

03. What results can you guarantee?

We can guarantee that your news will be posted on top blockchain websites around the world within max 48 hours from the launch of the campaign. We can guarantee that you will be getting high-quality support, transparent analytics from our side, clear communication and fast responses from our support team. Most importantly, you will be getting the highest quality distribution of your news on only best blockchain websites and your news will be seen by hundreds of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals. We use a professional web tracking tool to measure the results, and with our PR campaigns, we are capable of reaching up to 1 million people around the world.

04. What is the difference with other similar services?

The main problem with existing ad networks in the blockchain banner and press release business is that they all intermingle with good sites and bad sites. Their service offers you at best 10% quality publications, and 90% crap. Clients are intentionally left blind to exactly where their ads are running, and how much they are overpaying for each publication. The only thing you can trust is the fact that you are overpaying for low quality service.

Coin PR Kit only supports trusted websites where we know the founders, where you can find real up to date content, websites that offer value to the blockchain industry. We are using websites that are focused on a long term vision, so that we can work together for years to come.

05. Can I trust Coin PR Kit?

We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the birthplace of Ethereum blockchain. Our team of real down to earth people strives to bring the most value alongside our distributed network team around the world. We value and respect diversity and culture around the world. We run all of our operations under Canadian jurisdiction, and we respect the law. We focus on long term business outcomes and are always happy to partner with companies that are mission-driven. Our lifelong goal is take part in building a new type of society -- one that is more open, friendly, fair, and green. We are open to working with non-profit organizations, and we have created the Digital Independence Declaration which speaks about our values more than anything.

06. How do you measure the success of a press release?

At Coin PR Kit we have developed and are proud to utilize a method that can accurately measure the information you need for growth and feedback. We don’t just measure pageviews as it is close to impossible to do so with hundreds of channels that are dynamic. We look at the whole web and the reaction to your news. We utilize Brand24 which is a tool that is used by companies like H&M, Intel, and more. This commercial-grade tool allows us to operate at the same level as the largest companies in the world. All of us have a high standard and we rely on accurate data in order to guarantee our performance. You will know exactly how your news and content is being distributed on the web, how many organic reposts and pickups there are, how many people have been reached and on what channels. The sentiment of your overall campaign and much more. We are able to bring you as close as possible to pure accurate analytics. Much more than just pageviews.

07. How Coin PR Kit differs from a traditional PR Distribution

Traditional press releases, even companies who claim to be “blockchain” press release services, offer nothing but the same product they always have. It makes no difference if you are trying to post news about diapers or a blockchain service - it will end up in their vast generalized network consisting mostly of low quality websites with very few visitors. The numbers may sound appealing at first glance “100+ websites”, but underneath the hood, these websites are typically local american newspapers, dotcom era sites, and other very questionable blogs. The reality is that the blockchain community never gets a chance to explore your news.
We love blockchain. We are users, researchers, and developers of blockchain products. We know where the buzz is for mainstream blockchain developments. We post your news on the websites that we actually read. Our blockchain press release distribution network is created to ensure that the entire ecosystem is saturated with your news so that everyone around the world who is involved in blockchain gains awareness about your news.