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Generate buzz through a network of the best blockchain sites. We distribute your news for millions to see within 48 hours.

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We work with our clients to ensure your press release is polished and posted on only the most trusted and reputable blockchain websites. We focus on speed and massive coverage.

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We will help you prepare all the materials quickly.
We launch your distribution within 24 hours or less.
We only work with the top trusted blockchain websites

Our network generates organic buzz on social media, blogs, communities, and blockchain media outlets. Our campaigns reach up to 1 million blockchain users!

Premium Reach

Traditional press release distributions go broad, targeting irrelevant local and non-blockchain websites. We focus on quality over quantity, and achieve better results.

For analytics we use enterprise web monitoring analytics tool Brand 24, used by H&M, Intel and Ikea.

Coin PR Kit is committed to being the most ethical and impactful blockchain marketing service.

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The First Blockchain Only Newswire

Coin PR Kit was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating the highest quality press release distribution service focused solely on the blockchain industry.

We are the original creators of this powerful product that has served over 150 clients. We operate from North America and have created a customizable global network for you to utilize as an amplifier for your news releases.

Coin PR Kit is committed to creating the most ethical and effective blockchain marketing service.

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Andrew Zapotochnyi
Clients Love Our Work

We have helped more than 150 projects and counting. We have worked with some of the most respected companies in the blockchain world.

Uros Trajkovic

Great service and attention to detail, the best press release distribution platform we have used since the beginning

Aljosa Todorovič

Awesome, love working with professionals. You wouldn't believe what sh.. (excuse my language) I get from some other companies/news sites

Anastasia Green

Coin PR Kit delivered exactly as promised. We were kept in the loop during the entire campaign and loved seeing the analytics grow each passing day.