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News Distribution to the Top Crypto Websites 

CoinPRKit is the world's first 24 hour crypto news syndication service backed by third-party analytics. 

How It Works


Send us your press release or announcement.


We review your document.


The world's top crypto news sites promote it in 24 hours.

What You Get 

We’ve filtered out all of the crap and only post your news on websites with real human traffic and maximum social media exposure. Quality over quantity.

Our clients
We Are Simple

Contact us 24/7 for live service and inquiries. CoinPRKit is a blockchain-specfic press release distribution service and not a replacement for an entire marketing campaign.

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Clients Love Our Work

We have helped over 200 companies and counting. The most respected blockchain companies in the world use Coin PR Kit throughout every stage of their marketing cycle.

Proudly Canadian

Coin PR Kit is located in Toronto, one of the fastest growing technology ecosystems in the world and the birthplace of the Ethereum blockchain.


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Core Team
Dmitry ButerinAdvisor & Investor
Andrew ZapotochnyiCEO
Dan FisherCOO
01. Why not your traditional press release service?

Traditional press release wire services that you have used in the past have posted your news on completely irrelevant websites that have no human traffic, much less human traffic interested in reading crypto news. You received a “report” with 100 meaingless links that nobody, not even yourself, will ever read. Granted, there is a slight boost for SEO ranking -- hardly worth the $500-1,000 you just threw away.

02. Why CoinPRKit?

CoinPRKit is a press release distribution service that utilizes the top blockchain news websites. These are the websites that have social media activity (Crypto practically lives on Twitter) and real human traffic interested in the latest crypto news and announcements.We have successfully ran press release campaigns for over 200 blockchain companies. Our value-add is doing this manual distribution on your behalf. Saving you time and hassle.

03. Do I pay extra for your service?

No, you don't. We have partnered with these websites to offer you the same exact retail price that they would charge you directly if you were to reach out to them.

04. What analytics tool do you use?

All of our clients receive a third-party analytics report 24 hour after payment has been received that verifies all of the postings, impressions, and other data for you to ponder. We use an industry standard Brand24 tool to measure the campaign results.

The average PR campaign will net an average of 30,000 - 100,000 social media impressions.  

05. Do you write press releases yourself?

You are expected to write your own 500-1,000 word Press Release or announcement. We will review and make suggestions. You will always have final say before posting. If you need help, let us know.

06. Can I pay in Bitcoin?

All payments must be made in BTC or Ethereum. No exceptions. Our accountants thank you. Refunds are issued in the event of an unsuccessful posting.