Since 2019, we has been the leader in affordable crypto press release distribution; helping businesses build brand awareness, traditional and online exposure, and social media visibility. At Coin PR Kit we spent years developing our exclusive blockchain news distribution network so that we can deliver the highest level of engagement from the users & viewers that matter. We as a team are blockchainers and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts so we know what’s trending and where to read about it. We love researching and diving deep into the latest developments and announcements in the blockchain space. With this knowledge we made sure that our press release distribution network covers all of the relevant blockchain media outlets all around the world.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is disrupting every known industry and it’s only getting started. At the core of this technology is decentralisation and permission-less access and interaction. This means that the potential audience is all around the world. We have included all of the important emerging blockchain media outlets all around the world that reach staggering views and page visits.

Our goal is to make sure the whole world knows about your news release and gets excited & engaged. Everyone is eager to hear about your new development, product launch, feature add, and more. We put your company in the spotlight — satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Coin PR Kit is a Helsinki Based Blockchain-Only News Distribution Service.

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Note: We never ask you to pay by telegram, email and other. You can buy our services only on our website in the store by placing an order and receiving an invoice.

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